Thursday, July 2, 2009

More About Me...

I thought I'd use today's post to share a little bit more about myself for those of you that land here and have no clue who I am. And even for those of you that know me, but just can't get enough and want to learn more. :)

I'm 34 years old, have been married for almost 13 years to my husband, Kevin, and we have three daughters ages 9, almost 7, and 5.

I was born in South Carolina, but have also lived in Illinois, North Carolina, Colorado and currently reside in the great state of Texas. I've been in Texas the longest, so consider it more my home than any other place. But, on a bad day, you might hear my South Carolina accent slip out, or hear me use words like "pocketbook", "hard back bugs", or the "eye" of the stove. And, yes, I do prefer sweet tea and would be perfectly alright if that's all the restaurants here in Texas offered.

I'm the youngest of two girls and both my parents and my sister and her family live in the same town as I do. We see each other regularly and I am so grateful that my kids get to grow up living so close to family.

My hobbies include scrapbooking, baking, playing card games, playing the piano, eating chocolate, and reading...none of which I get to do as much as I'd like (except eating chocolate...somehow I find plenty of time to do that). Hobbies I wish I had that would make people laugh if they saw me try to do them now include dancing, golfing, and playing the violin (although I've actually never tried to play the violin).

I currently home school our girls and plan on continuing to do that through their high school years. We do alot of reading and learning through the things we're going through in life (I call them our life lessons). My youngest is just starting to learn how to read and it is so exciting to watch. I also lead a home school American Girl book club that is reading through all of the AG historical character series of books. This past year was our first year and it was so rewarding.

Something fairly major we have going on in our life right now is that we just put our house back on the market. We tried to sell last year, but had no luck. We want to move out to the "country" and have a little bit of land. It's actually a dream my husband and I have shared since before we got married. It may or may not happen, and we are trying to keep the right perspective knowing God is in control and knows what is best for us.

I hope you've enjoyed this little "all about me" post. I'd love to learn more about you...drop me a line anytime.

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